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Hi everyone!!

We hope our last blog post got you all thinking about getting some awesome promo videos for yourself. Well get excited, because today we’re bringing you our second promo video!!

Around the same time as we were working on our last production, we were given the chance to start thinking about ideas for a video for our dear friend, and frequent “coworker”, the lovely makeup artist, Shantel! We’ve worked with Shantel on MANY shoots for quite a while now, and we just knew we had to take this job!

Over the last couple years (more or less!) we’ve gotten to know Shantel very well, and seen first hand her hard work and dedication that go into every single job. We’ve all laughed together, talked business together, shared stories and anecdotes. You could say that we know her pretty darn well! But this video was our chance to show YOU the Shantel we know, love, and adore! So without further ado we bring you the professional, endearing, and entertaining Shantel Lowe…

Here is the direct link to the YouTube video:

We hope you loved this video as much as we do! Please share our video with your friends and family, or on Facebook, using the above link! Your  help is what keeps us going!

As always, remember Eli Warren for ALL of your video and photography needs – we would LOVE to work with you!! Also please check out Shantel’s gorgeous work – and don’t hesitate to call on her the next time you need makeup, or just to feel pampered… trust me, it’ll be the best decision you can make!!!

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Lights, Camera, Action!!

2012 is going to be a big year for us, so it wouldn’t be complete without us starting off the new year offering some VERY exciting new services and opportunities for YOU!

In quite a few of our previous posts you will have heard us mention a fabulous stylist by the name of Ann Ricker, that we’ve worked with on some extremely wonderful shoots. Well today we bring you more about Ann! We’ve always had a blast working with her, getting a taste for her great style, and learning more about her. But even though we’ve known Ann for a while, we still weren’t completely aware of all the services she offers.

So when the opportunity came for us to make a promo VIDEO for Ann, her business, and her services, we all were excited to get going. I bet now you’re saying “I didn’t know you guys do video!”, and we are VERY excited to tell you that now we do!!

It was a lot of extensive work interviewing, shooting, organizing, producing, editing, and much more, but it was all worth it! Ann’s final video is a fantastic introduction to who she is, what she does, and how she can help YOU.

So we bring you the debut video production of Eli Warren Photography & Design:



Please share our video with your friends and colleagues, we would greatly appreciate it!!
Also be sure to consider a promotional video for yourself as well. No matter what your profession is, a promo video is a fabulous way for people to get to know you, and to see and appreciate what you do. Your video will tell a much deeper story than a bio or mission statement, and gives everyone a chance to meet you before your initial consultations! Think of it as your first impression, your very first opportunity to sell yourself and/or your product/service/company to the person watching!

If you would like to learn more about our video packages and abilities, please CALL US at 864-386-1060 – don’t delay! You can also check out our website for our other photography and design services!

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Fresh in 2012!!

This is just a short blog post to let everyone know that after many long hours of hard work, we have updated our website!! In many ways, it’s been overhauled, and we would LOVE it if you would check it out!!! We added some more spectacular photos, changed the layout a bit to keep it fresh, and added some information that maybe some of you don’t already know! Please check it out, and we would be honored if you would share it with your friends too!

Thanks so much everyone, for signing on to read our blog over the last year, for commenting, liking, and staying in touch! We truly appreciate our readers, and hope you will continue to do so!! Thanks y’all – You’re the best!

~ Julie~


One of the great things about hiring Eli to do creative product shots for you is that if you need versatile images, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. But you might not have any idea HOW versatile your images can be until you’ve gone through this process. Take our neighbor, local jeweler and gallery owner, Matthew Campbell. You might remember about two months ago we welcomed our new neighbor and friend, and showed you the two final images from Eli’s shoot of his gorgeous ‘floating rings’ (a breathtaking piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are).

Eli took two different styles of shots, some horizontal and some vertical. He wanted to add as much versatility to these photos as possible for use in a number of ways. And that’s just what has been done. Matthew’s had Eli design magazine advertisements using the images, he’s had a bright eye-catching A-frame sign made for his studio & gallery, and he’s had Eli use them in the design for some strikingly beautiful mail-outs to send to present and potential clients. We have no doubt that the uses for these two photos will continue to present themselves. Whether it’s through advertisements, decoration, information, or whatever else we can think of, these images are going to be coming in very handy for Matthew for a long time.

So the next time you’re thinking about why you need Eli, remember this! If you want versatility, and you want images that can be used nearly anywhere for a whole variety of promotional materials, then Eli is the person to see. He’ll actually work his photo shoot around your specific needs, as in this case. Because of two seemingly simple (of course they were far from simple!) photos now at his disposal, Matthew (sometimes with Eli’s help) can now parlay those images into a whole variety of possibilities!

There’s no time like the present to schedule YOUR photo shoot, and let Eli open up the doors of possibility for you!
Please check back next week when we’ll show you a stellar marketing package Eli’s been working on for a local esthetician – you’ll want to check this out!

As always, thanks for reading!

Portrait of an Artist!

Just before Open Studios, less than a month ago, we were hired to go shoot a lot of artwork at Art & Light in the Pendleton Arts district. We shot artwork for Kent Ambler which we just wrote about a couple weeks ago (remember the dogs? that’s the one!). We also shot artwork for a few other artists, including local painter Joseph Bradley. But this time, it wasn’t just artwork that we got to shoot for Joe! We were also hired to shoot some artist’s portraits as well. As he always does, Eli did prep research beforehand, and then we brought lots of our equipment over to Art & Light. We set up in Joe’s studio, and after testing lights for a short time, we got started! In the end, we all love the images. They show character, and I think they’re some of the coolest artist shots we’ve done thus far. But why don’t you decide…  Here is our favorite shot:


To see more about Joe’s work, check out his website!
As always please remember us for your portraits and artwork photography!!!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back next week for another update!


We Meet Again!

You know how you’ll have that group of people that can come together for work, have a fun and fabulous time filled with laughter and inspiration, and somehow the job gets done easier and faster than expected? Well, a little while back we got to work with a great group of professionals again, and boy did we all have a blast. We got together with fashion stylist Ann Ricker, makeup artist Shantel, and model Christy Stevenson for a fun fashion shoot. Ann got the clothes, Shantel researched the makeup colors, Christy practiced those awesome poses, and Eli worked tirelessly to research the what, the where, and the how! It always amazes us, as a group, at how these shoots come together so well, and even after a long day of shooting we wonder where the time went!!

For this shoot, we went over to local treasure trove of second-hand goods, Shinola. If you haven’t been there, you have to check this place out, trust me!! Around every corner is something unexpected, something that will make you laugh, something to inspire you to redecorate, or something that fits “just so” with what you already have! So without further ado, check out a few of the AWESOME shots that came from this adventure:


Of course, PLEASE do check out more of Shantel’s amazing makeup work, Ann’s inspired stylings, and you can get in touch with Christy at As always, remember US for your photography needs – be it fun or fancy, corporate or lighthearted, relaxed or poised, we love to do it ALL! But most importantly, don’t forget to consider us as a team as well – with our friendships and abilities to work together so well, YOUR shoot can be as big a success as ours are!!!

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Dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

Over the last few months Eli has been doing a good deal of artwork shooting for a longtime client and local artist, Kent Ambler. In that time Eli estimates having shot somewhere around 330 pieces of Kent’s artwork. Of course, Open Studios for most artists means new work, and Kent is no exception. Eli got to shoot some awesome new pieces, all in various dog shapes and designs. Then we both got to shoot Kent’s work at his studio in the Art & Light building, as it is covered floor to ceiling in awesome dog artwork! Check out these photos of Kent’s new work in his studio at Art & Light:



Be sure to check out more of Kent Ambler’s artwork, and as always, remember us for your artwork photography, including installation pieces and full studio artwork!

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Open Studios 2011

Over the last couple months we’ve found ourselves getting increasingly busy with Open Studios work. One of the most important things has been everyone getting their OS cards for this year, and we’ve definitely been working on MANY cards! They’ve been cards of all sizes, including standard business cards, 4×4 business cards, 4×6 postcards, 5×7 postcards, and even some 6×9 postcards! This is a busy but exciting time for all of us involved in Open Studios, and we’re happy to be able to not only participate but also help our friends and clients in their Open Studios endeavors as well!

Here are a few examples of the cards we’ve done in the past couple months:

As always, remember us for your promotional material, design, and photography needs! Lastly, we wish all of our fellow Open Studios participants GOOD LUCK for your OS weekend!!


PS – for those of you who aren’t familiar with Open Studios, it is a large art event in Greenville and surrounding cities where many artists (124 this year) will open their studios and galleries to showcase some of their recent work, and be available to explain their process along with any other questions you might have for them. It is put on by the Metropolitan Arts Council, and is a fabulously fun weekend! If you don’t participate in Open Studios, then do please come out and visit some of us working artists!!!

Artwork Reproductions!

Well, this week we are psyched to have finished a very important and fun job for us, so in keeping with tradition, let’s share it here!!!

We began a job some months ago to shoot some artwork commissioned by the Greenville Country Club and painted by local artist Charlie Pate. Charlie is well known in this area and beyond, with many beautiful paintings hanging in corporations, universities, museums, and private homes all over the southeast. The Greenville Country Club currently houses two of Charlie’s paintings, and they will soon have a third.

When the club hired us, it was to photograph the artwork and then provide them with reproductions to offer for sale in their golf pro shop. Over the last handful of months we have shot the paintings, and then had proofs printed to get the pieces perfect. After final approval by the club as well as Charlie, we began production.

In the end, each reproduction was professionally packaged, complete with a certificate of authenticity, historical information about the club, and framing guidelines. Charlie also helped by coming to sign and number each print and certificate before we were finally able to deliver the finished work. We were all very excited with the final outcome, the quality of the prints being everything expected and then some!

Check out this picture of Eli with the final run of reproductions:


We look forward to our next run for the Country Club of Charlie’s second piece which hangs there. Until then, be sure to check out the work of Charlie Pate if you haven’t yet! Also, always remember us for all of your artwork reproduction needs!!

Thanks for reading!


A New Look

Recently we were in Bennetts’ Frame & Art Gallery chatting with Amanda Bennett, the current owner, about getting some new photos for her ads. Of course, we were quick to say “let’s do it!” and we all began to coordinate a day and location for the shoot. The shoot was to take place about a week later at a beautiful home where Amanda had chosen and framed many pieces of beautiful art.

The shoot was set for just a handful of days ago, and as is often the case, we hired Shantel, our wonderful makeup artist. She had a great time applying makeup for both Amanda and her daughter, and they both looked so sweet and beautiful!

Amanda requested that Eli choose the best photo for the first ad, and he chose a wonderful one. Being fantastic with graphic design, Eli used the photo and designed a great ad, which you can see in our local At Home magazine, in the upcoming Fall/Winter edition. We are all very excited about the ad, us because we are convinced it will be a GREAT full page ad, and Amanda because of the new look for her ads.

From the photo shoot, Amanda will have plenty more photos to narrow down and choose from for future ads and other uses, but here is our personal favorite in the ad you can shortly see i
n At Home:

As always, we have to thank Shantel for her hard work and beautiful job! Thanks to Amanda for thinking of us for her new look and new ads! And always remember, think of us for your next project – portraits, ads, and much much more!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!